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Water is most important part in our daily lives. You never know when on emergency can strike so storing up water in your tanks will help you solve this problem.

  • In cyclone season you will need to store water
  • In dry season you will to store water.
  • In water cuts you will to store water.

SO WHY WAIT Just get a storing tank from us in your emergency needs.

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Nand’s Rotomould has provided us with very good quality water tanks over the past 4yrs as our suppliers and we have had no problems with any of the tanks. Their front desk staff are friendly and have been efficient in processing our orders in a timely manner. We look forward to continuing our business relationship with Nand’s, Vinakavakalevu.
Eleazar O’Connor
Director Clean Water Technologies
I wish to advise that I have been very pleased with all my dealings with Nands Rotmould. The tanks supplied were of great quality and ideal for the application. The service provided was very professional throughout. A very satisfying experience!! Its been a pleasure doing business and would recommend to other buyers.
Ronak Jamnadas
Engineering Sites & Services Manager at BAT
Thank you for the wonderful and timely services. The tanks provided are of great quality and our tank recipients are happy to have received the tank.

Alisi Keasi Senikuta
Community Engagement Officer Cent/East at WAF

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